Fade Street Social is an ambitious new project incorporating two restaurants under one roof; The Gastro Bar and The Restaurant, along with a relaxed Wintergarden. Fade Street Social celebrates Irish food and character. Fade Street Social 's approach is another departure from the formality of fine dining, while trying to capture the unique sense of humour of the Irish. In this huge 8000sq ft. space, again, Dylan's fantastic creative team has captured a number of uniquely different yet subtly connected brands all under one roof. It seems that the main beneficiary of the economic climate in Ireland is the diner, as restaurateurs have been forced to sharpen their offerings. As a result, people can enjoy superbly high standards in Fade Street Social at affordable prices. Dylan is hell bent on continuing to offer creative, exciting new concepts that are quite simply for everyone, delivering great quality and great flavour in a relaxed setting. Click below to have a look around Fade Street Social

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Last updated: 16th September 2016